About Real Estate Investing

Investing in Today’s tumultuous real estate market...

The market has been on a roller coaster ride for the last several years and the club has been making every effort to keep it’s membership up to date on the latest trends and what strategies to use and not to use in today’s market.

The truth is you can make money in any stage of the real estate market cycle. You just need to know what strategy to use and how to apply it.

Many investors are scared to get into investing when the market is down because they don’t see other’s making money as easily as they had in the past. Well it’s true that it’s not as easy to make money in a down market and that’s why it’s so important to educate yourselves so you know not only how to make money but more importantly, how not to lose money. Any experienced investor will tell you that preserving capital is job #1.

The great thing about a down market is it’s a great time to bargain hunt. In fact down markets is where you see the greatest transfer of wealth. When people reach the “point of capitulation” they are willing to do incredible things to give away their property to get rid of the problem. We want to help you capitalize on that opportunity and give you the tools to become a successful investor no matter what stage of the cycle the market is in.